SOM/SOK - Annular casting pump

  • Q = 0,3 - 4 l/s
  • H = 10 - 160 m
  • p = 3 - 15 bar
  • t = 10 - 70 ºC
  • nmax = 3500 rpm
  • Katalog (.pdf)
Annual casing pumps can be divided in two basic groups:
  • a) SOM pumps – Anular monobloc
  • b) SOK pumps – anular bracket
SOM pumps can be performed in two ways:
  • a) performance with the standard electromotor
  • b) performance with theextended shaft's electicmotor

These pumps are the latest discovery in the group pump for small quantities of supplies. They fill the gap in the type field between the piston and radial centrifugal pump with a relatively good efficiency. These pumps with only one wheel rotors generate lift height of 180 m which would require a centrifugal pump with 9 degrees, for this reason the peripheral pumps in their type-field are irreplaceable. They have a cheap and simple construction and easy to maintain and operate. Due to its small size are especially suited to installations where available small installation space.