AVZ - Vertical propeller tubular casing pump

  • Q = 100 - 10 000 l/s
  • H = 1 - 16 m
  • p = 2,5 bar
  • t = 5 - 50 ºC
  • nmax = 1450 o/m
  • Catalog (.pdf)


Propeller pumps are designed for supply of capacious quantities of water at low heads, beeing thus very economically applied in the system of irrigation and drainage, industry and etc.


Propeller pumps are of an axial type, i.e. water flows into a suction bell mouth axially passing via impeller and stator diffuser, being further directed through a discharge pipe to the piping. The pump itself is of a simple and solid construction Bell mouth, stator diffuser, tube casing, discharge elbow and electro-motor pedestal are made of qualitative grey cast. Rotor blades can be of alloyed steel or bronze. A shaft is of alloyed steel as well. A normal design of blades is executed so to enable adjusting of a blade angle of attack as required for an adequate working point during erection in the works. Upon a customer's requirement, the pumps provided with deflecting blades in operation, are also produced. Such design ensures deflection of blades by means of a special device. If necessary, the blades can be deflected during operation, for an adequate angle to achieve as much as better efficiency. Upon requirement, we supply pumps of a such design, which enables axial removings, of rotating parts out of the casing. Pumps with deflecting blades in operation are manufactured only from the size 80-100 onwards. The shaft consists of two or more parts, reciprocally joined by a rigid coupling. Bearings are of a slide type, either of bronze, grease lubricated from an additional lubricating pump mounted on a motor pedestal, or of water lubricated non-metal materials. Main axial bearing is a roller or slide one and it is lubricated by oil. The shaft is by means of a flexible coupling joined with an electro-motor. Sealing of pump is carried out by ordinary packings or labyrinth ones, however, upon requirement other various packings can be installed.