Ever since 1949 as a pump factory Jugoturbina Karlovac, Croatia Pumpe has become a world famous manufacturer of pumps, engineered and designed by our own experts. Since then, we have produced more than 70,000 pumps.


Our basic reference is marine pumps program. In the past 10 years we have produced more than 2100 different types of marine pumps for 105 new ships produced in all major shipyards in Croatia.


In last 20 years we have accumulated considerable know-how in power plants production. Over the years we have produced and serviced pumps for most all types of power plants.



Pumps for process industry are also part of our core programs and our partners are almost all process industries in the region for which we have produced thousands of specific pumps.


Pumps for water supplies are a very important part of our product range and we take special care of the development of this particular segment of production. Our experience in the production of pumps for the largest water utilities in the region , is a guarantee of our quality.