RPP Type Process Pump

  • Q = 1 – 700 m3/h
  • H = 4 – 240 m
  • p = 35 bar
  • t = -70 – 300 ºC
  • nmax = 3500 rpm
  • Catalog (.pdf)


RPP pumps are designed as process pumps for very rigorous working conditions in process industry. They are made as per API610 standard, 7th edition (API = American Petroleum Institute). These pumps are delivered on the purchaser’s special request and as spare part for delivered pumps. They are used for transport of all media in refineries, petrochemical industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, thermal power plants and everywhere where working conditions are such that can be realized by these pumps. The adequate choice of material enables transport of abrasive and aggressive media at very high temperatures and pressures.


Pumps are designed as per API 610 standard, 6th edition. RPP pump is designed as single suction, single stage, horizontally pump with liquid axial inlet and radial outlet directed upwards. Impeller is keyed on the shaft. Shaft is supported on two ball bearings. Pump casing is installed between pump volute casing and bearing support. Stuffing box is provided on the pump casing cover. By means of spacer-type flexible coupling pumps can be dismantled and rotating parts can be pulled out without electromotor dismantling. Pump has one-part, single inlet volute casing which is separated by means of thicker walls (addition on corrosion 3 mm). Flanges are designed as per N ANSI standard. Impeller is radial, single flow, closed type. Shaft is supported by standard oil lubricated and cooled bearings. Axial thrust balancing At these pumps axial thrust balancing is achieved by a wearing ring and pressure equalisation cores. (API 610, 7th edition) At AP1610, 5th edition axial thrust balancing is achieved by impeller back-to-back vanes.